When it comes to sports talk, Evan “E-Mak” Makovsky is a man of action.

Each weekday morning from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Evan brings a fresh and unique perspective to St. Louis radio, conversing with the biggest celebrities in the sports world. From Bob Costas to Billy Packer to Bob Knight to Tony LaRussa, Evan seeks out sports experts for their opinions on a surprisingly wide range of topics. Sports may be the theme, but Evan doesn’t stop there.

With boundless energy, unpredictable opinions, witty banter and a journalistic professionalism to his interviews, Evan asks the questions that are of interest to his listeners. With his knack for gaining access to the best sports minds in the country, Evan makes “The E-Mak Show” a lively combination of topical entertainment and a treasure trove of sports information sure to satisfy the casual listener as well as diehard fans.

Now in his sixth year on St. Louis radio, Evan isn’t afraid to debate hot-button issues with his guests or his callers. A native of New York City whose family roots go back to St. Louis, Evan brings both local and national perspectives to his animated sports talk program.

A graduate of the acclaimed S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University, Evan began his career as an intern and employee for renowned sportscaster Bob Costas at NBC Sports headquarters in New York City before moving on to the Sporting News Radio national network with assignments in Los Angeles, Colorado and St. Louis prior to his own sports show.

Beyond his morning talk show, Evan is a contributing columnist to the West End Word newspaper, a blogger for the Patch.com online journal and a colorful monthly contributor to KSDK-TV, Channel 5’s “I’m Just Sayin’” feature. He also tweets his thoughts and radio highlights daily at www.twitter.com/followemak.

Find out what Sam Bradford, Don King, Jim Nantz, Mike Shannon, Tim McCarver, Kyle Lohse, Clark Kellogg, T.J. Oshie, Mike Ditka, Devon Alexander, Jose Canseco and many other sports legends and athletes already know: If you want to hear the latest news about sports and athletes, tune in weekday mornings from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. for “The E-Mak Show” on 1380 AM. Stream it “live” or hear it archived daily at www.emakshow.com.

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